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Double duties


Woke up way too late and hurried off to work with 80's music and ambience in my earplugs. I got so carried away reading about all this stuff and listening to this music that I didn't notice that a collegue of mine stood right next to me on the tube and tried to say hello. So when we stepped off she was snickering and saying that I looked so enchanted when I was so focused on this stuff, Quite funny actually. Anyway, when I got home again I started to get some guild business done, and wow - there's a lot to do! Engaged with all that stuff for like five hours straight. Once all of that stuff was dealt with, I now got to sit down to enjoy some more of this really emotionally touching music and writing on the blog here. This time however I wanted to explore how all of this would be percieved when high so I smoked a tiny bit of weed. And now here we are, It really weaves itself together with the current state of mind in a very pleasant way; music is even more enjoyable and adds a nice sense to it. Anyway! I'll try to do some html stuff now!



Finally figured out how to get the images done...I don't even know what I did wrong but little do I care as I know have the ability to add what I like be it background images, gifs or whatever really, new doors just opened. I started playing a vaporwave song on youtube and kept the website running in the background, as familiar to most Youtube doesn't just stop playing once the video is done, no no. It has kept the lounge feeling going without my interference, some splendid songs, well done, YouTube! I also realised that I have some old commercial posters, high quality ones which I feel like I should add to the website somehow, I'll figure that out later. I really ought to go to sleep about three hours ago as I have work in the morning, but that's obviously not happening now, this has been way too much fun. I'm also talking to the previously mentioned friend on Discord chat as she too is working on her site, adding a guest book. That's something I'll do to, eventually. I've always loved the concept of guest books in general - I always write something in them whenever I get the chance too, be it in a museum or an old church, or now, WEBSITES!

Very first post


Been struggling a lot lately with some life issues, like, the bigger questions. Things like what I want to do with my life, what I want to study - if at all, Do I even like my current job? With recently turning twenty I've really felt that I am an adult now, but I have no clue how to be one! Anyway, what's currently really interesting is this site, isn't it? A dear friend of mine showed me this whole culture of hideous looking websites and electrical lounge music, this whole phenomena is called ''vaporwave'', apparently. I really felt that this form, philosophy...or whatever it is had an impact on me, I get it, y'know? So here I am now sitting in the middle of the night with the most soothing vaporwave music ever and writing stuff in rows, a lot of strange characters and what not, this whole process which is very new (to me) eventually leads to the creation of an -actual- website. Now, how cool is that? Very. Today I've been struggling to get pictures in the right position and even upload them at all, the only way I found possible was to use Imgur but that doesn't leave the look I am after...Hopefully I'll get it sorted soon. Anyway, the webpage is (and probably always will be) in development and I feel it's moving forward, there's actual stuff on it now. I will get links promoting my friends website and her music here aswell but I won't do it until I can make it look nice.

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